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  • Papelera Don Bosco is a paper mill located in Nuevo Chimbote, Peru, producing exclusively high-quality hand-made paper and using only local cotton as a raw material. Founded in 2008, has started production in 2009. It is a new exhibitor at the NSS and its story is quite different from that of an ordinary industrial operation.

    The National Stationery Show is traditionally a place where, besides established companies, new emerging businesses get the opportunity to introduce themselves. Among the new exhibitors, Papelera Don Bosco has a special story to tell. Nobody knows it better than Angelo Moncini, an Italian businessman who created the Papelera and helped to support it during the first years of activity.

    “When I retired, after having spent all my professional life in the field of high-quality stationery, I felt the need to make my experience available to some charitable undertaking,” Angelo tells. “But how? Well, I came in contact with an organization offering relief in Latin America, and they encouraged me to visit some poor region of Peru to see how I could help. Eventually, I went to a place in North-Peru  - its name is Nuevo Chimbote  - and I was really impressed by the extremely needy conditions and the serious social problems experienced by a large part of the population. I thought that all the help I could possibly offer was to create some job opportunities by starting a local operation. But what type of operation?  My professional experience led me quite obviously to think that hand paper making was best suited to my purpose.”

    This was the start, in 2008. Hand-made paper was a spontaneous choice for an Italian stationery expert, as this craft is supported by a centuries-old Italian tradition and is still well alive in places like Fabriano, in Central-Italy, where hand-made paper is regularly produced and the craft is a subject of formal teaching. Beside the availability of know-how, a good reason for the choice of producing hand-made paper was the possibility of creating a top-quality product at a quite competitive price and without the need of huge investments.

    “I found myself looking for sponsors everywhere, and I was extremely pleased to see how many people were willing to donate money, materials and equipment, and also how much time my friends were devoting to the project,” Angelo says.

    And indeed, a building was erected in Nuevo Chimbote, equipment was designed, built and shipped, young people were hired and trained. The operation, called “Papelera Don Bosco”, received everything as a gift. In 2009 the production of hand-made paper sheets was started.

    “All of us shared the same goal: achieving the highest possible quality. We thought that using industrially produced cellulose as a raw material, even the high-grade one, was not good enough. Fortunately, at some point in time, somebody remarked that Peru had plenty of top-quality cotton, and the decision was taken to make use of it,” Angelo tells us. “It took a lot of experiments and it required some additional equipment, but the result was well worth the effort.”

    Now Papelera makes a variety of high-quality products, ranging from artist’s paper sheets to paper for letterpress printing, to paper with organic inclusions and paper for scrapbooking. Its customers have until now been in Italy and Peru, but at this point in time Papelera makes a leap forward by introducing itself to the USA market.

    How does Angelo feel about it? “It is like seeing a child who has grown up, and now is mature to face the true life. I am really proud of it.”



  • Letterpress
    The first and only handmade paper specifically designed for the letterpress. Thick paper made of 100% fine Peruvian cotton and manufactured in an environmentally responsible way<br />...

    • Authentic handmade paper, the first ever designed for letterpress
    • Natural white color without chemical dyes
    • Produced with an environmentally friendly production cycle
    • Very thick paper, obtained naturally, by limiting the pressure on the paper
    • Size 16" x 22 ½" (40.8 x 57 cm)
    • Weights 188 and 360 lb (400 and 800 gsm).
    • Natural surface due to the slow drying process in the ocean breeze. Pleasant to the touch, it does not create difficulties to the press even with small fonts
    • Immediate delivery from the stock in Baltimore (MD)
    • Other weights available on request
    • Also manufacturable in small formats, ready for printing, with the four edges torn by hand
    • It is also possible to produce it with coloured paste, including cushioned white, with antique effect
  • Scrapbooking
    Papelera produces very unique and innovative cards for scrapbooking, suitable for very ambitious hobby and craft production in small series. All cards are 100% cotton and entirely handmade...

  • The papers for scrapbooking available in stock in Baltimore (MD) are:

    • Weight: 81lb (120 gsm)
    • Size: 19 ¾ "x 27 ½" (50 x 70 cm)
    • Fantasies:
      • Canvas
      • Seeds
      • Flowers

    Many other types, white or colored, with patterns and different processes are in the catalog.

    A further Papelera’s specialty is paper expressly tailored to customer needs. For instance, one of Papelera’s customers is a famous Peruvian restaurant (three Michelin stars) which needs paper sheets incorporating the local seeds and herbs employed as ingredients of its own recipes. As a courtesy to his chef, the restaurant offers them a recipe booklet printed on these peculiar paper sheets.
  • Watermark
    Our factory has a laboratory able to create watermarks, put in place by an Italian artist. The staff now has some years of experience. We can create watermarks "in the clear" from a simple drawing or a normal print...

  • Watermarked paper, in the industrial paper market, are limited to the security paper or to the correspondence paper of the big companies, which are very demanding to their image.

    Working exclusively by hand, as we do, the cost is reduced immensely and especially the amount of economically manufacturable paper is reduced to 100/200 sheets.

    Here some examples where a watermark could be used:

    • Paper for artists, with the application of specific watermark to identify individual stores of fine arts (or chains of stores)
    • Paper for professional artists who wish to avoid the imitations of their works
    • Social stationery for luxury hotels, small / medium industries, high fashion boutiques, the luxury sector operators
    • Social stationery for individuals, who may be doing the writing paper with their watermarked name
    • Wedding invitations with the initials of the couple filigree (this product is covered by international patent owned by Angelo Moncini in use to "Papelera Don Bosco")

    If you like to get a quote, send us a pdf file with the drawing of thwt watermark you would like to have.

  • Watercolor paper
    A paper dedicated to real connoisseurs (professional artists, amateurs of good level). Competitive cost for an authentic handmade paper and a high quality/price rate compared to industrial papers available in the totality of art shops...

    • Authentic handmade watercolor paper
    • Natural white color without the addition of bleaching chemicals
    • Content 100% of peruvian cotton in fine quality (Pima and Tanguiz)
    • Two different surfaces:
      • Rough: air dryied
      • Smoothed: hot cylinder pressed
    • Four deckle edges, embellishing the work of art that will use it as a support
    • Size 22 "x 30" (56 x 76 cm)
    • Weights 140 and 270 lb (300 to 600 gsm)
    • Neutral pH, which guarantees its durability
    • Sizing 5%
    • Immediate delivery from the stock in Baltimore (MD)
    • Available in other sizes and weights
    • A request manufacturable even in small quantities with a custom watermark
  • Wedding cards in letterpress
    A handmade paper, to embellish your wedding cards in letterpress, which differs sharply from all other paper letterpress available on the market. An opportunity to offer to bride and groom you work by proposing a naturally soft surface....

    • Sheets made with the method of the Italian ancient master papermakers of Fabriano
    • Formats immediately available formats are:
      • Classic (named Pisco): 5 7/8" x 7 7/8" (15 x 20 cm)
      • Large (named Ayacucho): 6 ½" x 9 ¼" (16.7 x 23.5 cm)
      • Square (named Chacas): 6 7/8" x 6 7/8" (17.5 x 17.5 cm)
    • Elegant envelopes, weight 90 lb (200 gsm), are available in combination
    • All envelopes are manufactured manually and their color and their surface  are perfectly coordinated with the cards
    • The envelopes are extremely elegant because they have the closing flap obtained by an edge of the sheet, naturally frayed
    • Envelopes are marked in blank "Don Bosco"
    • Immediate availability from the stock in Baltimore (MD)
    • Factory is able to produce envelopes with 20 other dimensions
  • Papelera don Bosco
    Papelera is a very special factory: born to be a beneficial project for the improvement of the quality life of a group of poor people. The whole factory, fully equipped, was donated to them and to missionaries them by a group of Italian benefactors...

  • The paper mill is part of the many charities of “Operazione Mato Grosso”. Two missionaries (a priest and a lay person) are in charge of managing this job opportunity for several young people.

    Papelera Don Bosco manufactures only Italian-style products. In fact, the entire product range has been devised by an Italian designer with a long life record of achievements in running one of the most famous stationery brands in Italy.

    The manufacturing method is identical with the one employed by the XVII century craftsmen. A Master from Fabriano (a place with a centuries-old tradition in paper making) has traveled several times to Peru to disclose the secrets of his craft to the young people working in Chimbote.

    The paper mill is fully equipped. The equipment includes two cotton bleaching vessels, a washer, two hollander beaters, three production vats, two vertical presses, three flat dryers for small paper sizes, one calendar dryer for large paper sizes, and a set of air-drying racks.

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