• Cloak LLC, is excited to announce that our product, Cloaked Box, has been chosen from over 200 submissions, as finalists for Best New Product in the "Craft-it-up/DIY" category at the National Stationary Show (NSS).  This is Cloak's first year attending the NSS; We are thrilled and honored to... Learn More

  • Dry Wit Goods, a company “Making Sarcasm a Business”, is a finalist in three categories at the 2019 National Stationery Show. First as a finalist in the Annual Valentine Contest: We Love the NSS category. Then as a finalist in the Best New Product with a product in the All Things Paper category. And,... Learn More

  • Stationery and gift brand, Papyrusaurus, is excited to announce three new additions to their literary-inspired line of goods for 2019. In their fan-favorite collection of Signature Book Page Ornaments, they’ve released hand-marbled editions of both the Harry Potter and A Wrinkle in Time ornaments. Each ornament... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jan 28, 2019, by Fell (#6418)

    HELLO!  We are Fell, a husband & wife team based in the Beehive State. We were tired of finding a lack of goods that we related to while traveling, so we decided to make some ourselves. Our product is characterized by its modern design aesthetic and quality... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jan 28, 2019, by Talfoto (#N4A)

    'Tal Shpantzer is a Brooklyn photographer whose ongoing work, The Petal Series, focuses on nature, beauty, flowers — and women’s relationship to them. “I think the most important inspiration of my line is empowering women — it’s about their voice, their nature — via the flowers and all that they... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jan 22, 2019, by Letterati Co (#N17A)

    Our newest collection focuses on self-love and perseverance. Our inspirational pieces comes from the failures and accomplishments, highs and lows, and uncertainties of life and love which everyone can relate to. Following our dreams has not been easy. There were no reassurance or... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jan 22, 2019, by Letterati Co (#N17A)

    LETTERATI CO. is a NYC-based stationery + design studio focused on visual branding and expressive topography. We feel strongly about creating a space to celebrate the art of type and to connect people through letterform. Our story began in 2014... Learn More

  •                                                                                                            LA FITNESS TRAINER SAYS QUIT YOUR WORKOUT   TO STAY FIT Breaking the Traditional Routine of Fitness with Freedom, Ownership, and Flexibility ... Learn More

  • https://www.svetcetera.com  Svetcetera, the boutique shop/online seller of cards expressing Real Sentiments for Real Life directs your attention to its Love and Friendship line. Beautiful images evoking beautiful emotions. Sharp spirited genuine sentiments making recipients feel and smile. Visit with us at the 2019 National Stationery Show, Booth 6312. Special gifts... Learn More

  • http://www.svetcetera.com Svetcetera offers a unique line of cards for those in recovery. These are not sympathy cards. They are not "good luck" cards, but sentiments speaking directly to the challenges and steps of one day-=at-a-time recovery. Strong sentiment to which your customers can add their own thoughts of encouragement.... Learn More

  • http://www.svetcetera.com Svetcera launched in 2018, offering greeting cards unique in design and expression. Sold in boutique shops and online at svetcetera.com, we are pleased to bring our vision to the wider audience at the 2019 National Stationey Show. Originators Svetlana Levin-Kerre and Bob Pladek are joined by the whole... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jan 16, 2019, by Animalopes (#6221)

    We are so excited to bring the Zoo to NSS 2019!!! Animalopes™ will be at booth #6221. Notecards, envelopes, & stationery paper have been with us from the very beginning! The Zoo Keeper has been busy welcoming even more new members.    ... Learn More

  • It's been quite the year for Asian-American representation in the media - and Cathleen's Cards wanted to jump on the celebration band-wagon. "Crazy Rich Asians is such a breakthrough film for American film history! In addition, smaller productions like Netflix's To All the Boys I've Ever Loved and Wong Fu Productions Yappie and Asian Bachelorette series have... Learn More

  • Meet Brittney Banks, chief illustrator and designer at Brittney Banks: Illustration + Paper Goods. She started her business in 2015 in Venice Beach, CA doing craft shows and live portrait events. After working in fashion design and studying textile design, she decided to start her own business... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Nov 20, 2018, by LovelyKnot (#5529)

    A very elegant wedding invitation created by using velvet and acrylic.  A laser burned silver mirror acrylic is inside its dark blue velvet folder.  Ornamented with ribbon and laser cut monogram. To see more acrylic & flok invitations, visit our booth #5529, at... Learn More

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ER5fIvQ16kY DEA Bags (Reveal Industries backpack brand) are manufactured in EGYPT with high quality, fashionable unique designs at global competitive market prices, and by majority testimonies fun to carry around. It is the ideal school bag and the popular choice amongst young adults around the world for daily needs. ... Learn More

  • Helen Edna is letterpress stationery studio that I started in the summer of 2018 in Dana Point, California. My designs are joyful, organic, and finely hand drawn with vibrant colors.  Helen Edna is named after my grandma who had a passion for craft and had a cheerful... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Nov 07, 2018, by LovelyKnot (#5529)

    The extraordinary Bar Mitzvah Invitation designed for a teen ager.  A white acrylic laser cut invitation, 4 colors UV printed in 'Sneaker' shape, fitted in the black leather box with special cut foam. To see more details and our B&B Mitzvah album, visit our... Learn More

  • Jennifer Hadley-White is the owner, marketing rep, designer, production line, custodian (OK, she has a cleaning lady), and accountant (OK, her mom does her bills) for Dry Wit Goods, a boutique stationery company based in Ft. Worth, Texas, where the traffic actually stops for cattle drives. Jennifer, however, is far... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Oct 18, 2018, by Sadie & June (#5607)

    Do you have an epic travel or love story that connects you with a special location? Sadie & June hand embroiders maps with hearts and words to proudly display that memory. Each vintage map print is uniquely hand stitched... Learn More

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