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LovelyKnot is a design and printing company, producing high quality Custom Wedding and Bar&Bat Mitzvah invitations for 26 years. We offer letterpress, laser cutting and burning, foil printing, embossing, thermography, varnish printing and edge foiling techniques to produce unique invitations. Besides high quality papers, we also use acrylic, wood, fabric, glitter and velvet. We print stylish business cards, letterheads, and other custom designed stationeries, too.

We work with 250 US vendors and event planners, to provide perfect productions with affordable prices.

 Press Releases

  • We present our new laser cut album first time at NSS. Wew designed and created new, stylish, more colorful invitations using special techniques. We are very excited to show them at our booth #5529, at NSS. 
  • (Nov 07, 2018)

    The extraordinary Bar Mitzvah Invitation designed for a teen ager. 

    A white acrylic laser cut invitation, 4 colors UV printed in 'Sneaker' shape, fitted in the black leather box with special cut foam.

    To see more details and our B&B Mitzvah album, visit our booth #5529, at NSS.

  • (Nov 20, 2018)

    A very elegant wedding invitation created by using velvet and acrylic. 

    A laser burned silver mirror acrylic is inside its dark blue velvet folder. 
    Ornamented with ribbon and laser cut monogram.

    To see more acrylic & flok invitations, visit our booth #5529, at NSS !

  • We are very enthusiastic to present our three albums at our booth during NSS’2019. 
    * Wedding Invitations Album : A variety of our wedding invitations such as classic, modern, acrylic, wooden, all in one album.
    ** Bar&Bat Mitzvah Invitations Album : Specifically designed invitations for the young girls and boys, for this very special occasion.
    *** Laser cut Invitations Album: Our newly designed laser cut invitations in various colors, papers and styles.
    Each album costs $ 200 + $ 50 cargo cost
    Two albums cost $ 370 + $  60 cargo cost
    Three albums cost $ 499 + $ 70 cargo cost
    These prices are valid during the stationery show.  


  • Custom Wedding Invitations by LovelyKnot
    Embossed and letterpress printed custom wedding invitation and stationery set. Binding by a black ribbon and the name tag on top. Envelope with special liner....

  • We design and produce invitations unique to the customer’s concept of wedding, party or anniversary. We use a readymade artwork, or can also customize our existing designs to meet the expectations. Our trendy invitations include thick coated models with edge foiling, letterpress and embossed printing, laser cut folders and invitation sets, pocket invites, boxed invitations, fabric liner envelopes, wax sealed invites, and many more. We use high quality papers, acrylics, velvet, fabrics, wood, and metal looking materials to produce unique custom invitations.

    We design and produce custom monograms, illustrations, motifs for invitations, and produce them using acrylic, wooden, or metal looking materials. Handmade linen folders, fabric coated covers, plastic and real wax seals are also materials to enrich our unique designs.

    RSVP sets, accommodation, details, directions cards, thank you cards and envelopes are designed and produced in the same concept. Place cards with names, menus, table number cards, Save the date cards are also in our production range. We can produce these stationery by using alternative papers, acrylics or wood, by using laser cutting, laser burning or silk screening methods.We have a Wedding album presenting all these features.

  • Bar&Bat Mitzvah invitations by LovelyKnot
    Black velvet invitation and stationery set, silver and red foil printed, edges red foiled. RSVP card special cut matching the theme, and all sealed by the red skull wax seals....

  • We design Bar/Bat Mitzvah invitations specifically for the teen agers, by using unique materials and printing techniques. Our custom desings have young, hip, fresh, sophisticated and modern vibe. We can also create specific themes based on the interests and hobbies.

    Football, soccer and basketball theme invitations are going through a special printing process to add texture which makes these invitations pop up. Custom designed boxed invitations on specific themes, are very trendy for the B&B sets.

    We enrich the custom designs by using special techniques like varnish printing, edge painting, laser cutting and burning of wood, fabrics, acrylics in different styles and shapes. Colourful acrylics with silk screen printing, 3 dimensional invitations with names and places laser cut, velvets, fabrics foil printed, wax seals in various colours are all in our range. We have a Bar&Bat Mitzvah album, presenting all these features.

  • Laser cut invitations by LovelyKnot
    Laser cut folders in various papers, with matching invitation and envelopes....

  • Laser cutting and laser burning is a very delicate production process, on which we pay great attention to details. We have a wide range of laser cut wedding invitations, which includes three fold pocket invites, lace designs, modern geometric patterns, rose and floral patterns, laser cut names, and any custom design motifs can be applied for laser cutting. The invitations inside are enriched mostly by floral designs varnish printed, foil printed names, thermography, letterpress printing.

    We produce laser cut monograms, labels, place cards, menus, table number cards by using papers matching the invitation theme. We can also use alternative materials in production of these items like gold and silver mirror acrylics, coloured acrylics, fabrics, leathers, wood, metal looking plastics.

    Our brand new laser cut models will be presented at the NSS’2019.

  • Fabric coated invitations by LovelyKnot
    Fabric coated invitations, fabric envelope liners in various colours and styles....

  • Fabric materials are used to create outstanding invitations, holiday cards and greeting cards by foil printing and silk screen printing techniques.
    There are several styles of fabrics, ranging from linen to crocodile, in various colors. Thick coated invitations are mostly foiled, thermography or varnish printed,
    and have fabric backers, and matching envelope liners. Edge foiling in suiting colours are also very trendy. 

    We produce fabric coated, hard cover folders in alternative colors with magnetic closure. We can add pockets inside the fabric coated folders, also.
    We enrich the fabric folders with acrylic monograms, rhinestones, satin ribbons or wax seals.
    Envelopes with fabric liners, rsvp cards, envelopes produced by fabrics also give a very special look to the invitation set.

    You can choose your favorite style from our vast range of beautiful fabric collections, in various colors.
    We also provide stunning satin and grosgrain ribbons, matching the tones of the invitation theme.

  • Velvet invitations by LovelyKnot
    Velvet coated invitations foil printed and edge foiled, with matching envelopes and stationery set....

  • We use velvet materials in producing outstanding custom wedding invitations, Bar&Bat Mitzvah invitations and stationery sets. The latest styles of velvet invitations are thick coated, foil printed in colours like rose gold, pink, silver with edges foiled. Velvet envelopes, rsvp sets with foil printing are also highly popular for wedding invitations, and also Bar&Bat Mitzvah invitations.

    You can choose your favorite colour from our vast range of beautiful velvet collections.

  • Acrylic invitations by LovelyKnot
    Acrylic invitation produced by silk screen printing on clear acrylic, with silver glitter paper backer....

  • We create fabulous invitations using various types of acrylics; gold and silver mirror acrylics, black, green, dark grey, orange tones and clear acrylics.

    Silk screen printing, foil printing, laser cutting, laser burning are methods we use in production of the acrylic invites.
    We can design and produce the best Bar&Bat Mitzvah invitations, holiday cards, anniversary cards, wedding invitations you are looking for.

    We add glitter papers, metalized papers and fabrics as backer to the laser cut acrylics. We also design the name with a script font, use mirror acrylics and laser cut the design, mount on top of the invitation to get the unique finishing.

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