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Selected as a finalist for 2019 Best New Product!  Stop by our booth and see how Snail Mail for Kids and their mascot, Sunny the Mail Snail, promotes a love of reading and letter writing at an early age!  Sunny the Mail Snail is not just any stuffed animal!  He sends kids a weekly letter in the mail.  His letters encourage reading and imagination plus kids are learning fun animal facts and geography too.  Sunny's silly adventures take kids around the world every week.  

Brands: Sunny the Mail Snail Plushie, Sunny's Adventure Box, Snail Mail for Kids, Sunny's World Poster

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    The hottest new thing to get kids to start reading is not new at all: It’s snail mail

    A Fredericksburg, Virginia mom’s company is embracing traditional mail – dismissively called “snail mail” by techies who love their instant email – as a way to encourage kids to learn to love reading, and she has a mascot to help.

    Wendy Lattimore first found that letters could be a teaching tool years ago while she was homeschooling her kids. Her youngest child wasn’t interested in books and was a struggling reader. Determined to show him the joy of reading, she invented "Sunny the Mail Snail," and sent him a weekly letter from Sunny.

    The weekly letters became a big hit as he excitedly awaited the arrival of a new one each week.

    “Kids love mail.  Who doesn’t?” she said.

    Lattimore used the messages to teach him about a wide range of subjects, and, without realizing it, he learned to love reading, too. 

    She realized that her idea could help other kids, and now she’s working to get Sunny on retail shelves nationwide. Her company, Snail Mail for Kids, is launching its new product at the National Stationery Show this year.

    Sunny the Mail Snail is now an adorable stuffed animal complete with mail hat and mailbag full of letters.  But he’s not just a plush toy – Sunny actually sends kids a letter every week via snail mail. 

    The “Sunny Adventure Box” includes a Sunny plushie and wall poster and the box is a special place for budding readers to store their weekly letters.  After Mom or Dad purchases the Sunny Adventure Box, and a letter subscription, the letters from Sunny start arriving every week.

    Sunny travels across the globe, sending mail back to kids to tell them about his adventures delivering mail to animals. Without even knowing it, they start learning about animals and geography. They’re using early learning skills like reading while simultaneously developing a love of animals and travel.

    Each letter also arrives with stickers, secret codes, pictures, trading cards, souvenirs, and more.

    Every letter from Sunny is designed to engage children’s curiosity and is ideal for youngsters ages 4 to 8.  If it’s true that everything old is new again, then look out email – Sunny’s on a mission.


    Editors: For more information, contact WENDY LATTIMORE at SNAILMAILFORKIDS@GMAIL.COM  or (703) 835-2780

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  • Snail Mail for Kids Sunny Stuffed Animal
    Sunny the Mail Snail Plushie...

  • This plushie, Sunny the Mail Snail, actually sends you mail!  Snuggle with your cuddly Sunny while you read his letters!  Buy a Sunny the Mail Snail and receive a special code to receive 4 weekly letters.  
  • Sunny's Adventure Box
    Sunny the Mail Snail Plushie comes with a cool letterbox to store all their letters and treasures. Plus it is where Sunny likes to sleep!...

  • Sunny's Adventure Box includes Sunny the Mail Snail Plushie, World Wall Map and 4 letters from Sunny via real snail mail! 
    KIDS. LOVE. MAIL. They feel SO important getting their own mail every week. Engage children's curiosity, love of animals & travel. Great for multiple kids and family reading time. Sunny's silly adventures are sure to delight the whole family! Sunny quickly becomes a friend & kids look forward to hearing from him.
    • Sunny the Mail Snail sends kids a letter EVERY WEEK
    • Story-telling letters will include cool animal facts, geography, and fun adventures
    • Encourages imagination and is great for struggling or new readers by promoting reading time
    • Adventure Box includes SUNNY STUFFED ANIMAL, WALL POSTER AND LETTERBOX to store Sunny's weekly letters!
    • Weekly letters include a trading card plus a small souvenir each week.
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