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Korea (South)
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Grape Lab is a sustainable design lab which makes various experiments to solve environmental and social issues
from a design point of view. We especially focus on wasted resources and vulnerable people in marginal areas
of our society. Our products are carefully designed, focusing on how to upcycle materials that are constantly
trashed and how to replace plastic and environmentally harmful household goods that dominate our everyday
lives with better, sustainable products.


  • g.stand
    Lightweight, portable book stand and laptop holder – made using a single sheet of paper with origami folding technique....

  • g.stand is one of the paper products made by the grape lab, sustainable design lab. We designed it using just one piece of recycled paper. To minimize environmental effects, we use small amounts of cutting, bonding, and ink.

    • Lightweight – As light as a piece of paper
    • Geometric folding Structure – It is stable and firmly supports a book or laptop up to 5 kg (11 lb).
    • Eco-friendly – It’s made from 100% recyclable paper without chemical bonding or coating.
    • Portable – When folded, it fits in most bags perfectly. So You can carry it anywhere with you!
    • Made in South Korea.
  • g.planner
    Pocket-sized planners, set of 12 months – diaries made without binding and with various recycled papers....

  • g.planner is made from recycled, wood-free papers folded as diaries without a need for binding.
    Globally, trees are being cut down for paper, you can spare our beautiful trees by using this planner.

    • Pocket-sized notebooks  (80x110cm - aprox. 31"x 43")
    • Can be used as planner, sketchbook or calendar
    • No binding or glues, the notebook is made a folding technique
    • Different colors, textures and paper stories for every month
  • page.light
    Cozy, solar-powered portable reading light, can also be used as a desk decoration...

  • page.light is a solar-powered reading light created by grape lab, sustainable design lab. It was made using wood waste and 100% recycled Korean paper (han-ji). Since the main point of this product is to promote upcycling of materials, there are no similar pages, each one comes from a different wood. As an action to help able artists to gain more visibility, we've created a special version that uses these artists' drawings. 

    • Portable – Small-sized and lightweight
    • Rechargeable – Solar light or indoor lights can be used
    • Stylish design
    • Social cause and environmentally friendly

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