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Ever since it was founded in 1927, KING JIM Co., Ltd. has developed and sold numerous unique filing products based on the principle "Utilization of Information and Human Resources." Over the years KING JIM products brimming with originality have breathed new life into the office environment and created a new standard in filing. An example of a product cast in the KING JIM mold is the "TEPRA" label writer launched in 1988 with the aim of optimizing file label presentation and information utility. This product has been enormously successful in the Japanese market.

Brands: TEPRA Lite, KITTA, FLATTY, +kraft, Lezaface U


  • KING JIM Co.,Ltd. - TEPRA Lite
    TEPRA Lite, the cute shape label printer. Just by decorating bottles in the kitchen, bathroom or planner with our tapes, daily life will become more colorful and happier....

  •  TEPRA LITE- Easy to use anytime anywhere

    It is a palm-sized label printer. It is user-friendly and can be used whenever and wherever.

    Just 3 steps to create an original cute label sticker:

    1. Select a font or a frame and type a message.

    2. Press the small window-shaped button to print.

    3. Push the chimney-like button to cut the tape.

  • KING JIM Co.,Ltd. - KITTA
    KITTA is a set of easy-to-use length washi tape . You can carry variety of design washi tape together by its carriable compact design. You can enjoy decorating diary, handmade goods and more....

  • KITTA - A set of easy-to-use length washi tape

    KITTA is a washi tape which cut into piecs. Each item contains 3~4 different illustraton design. Illustrations are designed by variety of illustrators, art directors, designers and even embroidery artis and potters. You can enjoy decorating diary pages, letters/message cards, gift packages and more with KITTA.

  • KING JIM Co.,Ltd. - FLATTY
    FLATTY is PVC storage case with various color/ size. It is light, slim and self-supporting design. It is easy to open and close with magnet lock....

  • FLATTY- Useful PVC storage cases

    Product lineups are below:
    -Card size(115W*94H*18D mm)
    -Pencase size(198W*94H*18D mm)
    -A6 size(172W*132H*20D mm)
    -Envelope size(245W*145H*20D mm)
    -A5 size(261W*202H*20D mm)
    -A4 size(325W*245H*20D mm)

    Each item has 5 colors: red/ yellow/  light blue/ white/ navy

  • KING JIM Co.,Ltd. - Frio
    Frio is the series of unique design storage items designed for people who work in a free address office. It lineups roll-up pencil case and bags with bottom gusset....

  • Frio- makes free address office more confortable

    Product lineups are below:
    -Roll-up pencil case
    -A5 size bag wiith bottom gusset
    -A4 size bag wiith bottom gusset

    Each item has 4 colors: green/ navy/ black/ white

  • KING JIM Co.,Ltd. - Lezaface U
    LezafaceU is a daily use personal accessory series made of synthetic leather(PU). Its muted color and non-glossy surface are very chic and classy. Because it is gender neutral color and has various items, it can be used in many situations in daily lives....

  • Lezaface U- Chic and classy personal accessory series of leather.
    Product lineups are below:
    -Plastic file folder(20/40pockets)
    -Document case(A4/envelope size)
    -Clipboard with a cover
    -Pencil case

    Each item has 5colors: navy, olive, caramel, black, gray

  • KING JIM Co.,Ltd. - +Kraft
    +Kraft is a personalized stationery series made of Kraft paper which has features of resistant to water, hard to tear, thin and light, and good texture. Because of these features, +Kraft is high durability and easy-to-carry....

  • +Kraft - Functional Kraft cover
    +Kraft suggests new style of using notebook/ plastic file folder. Basically, all items have notebook/ plastic file folder storage as a basic function. As additional features, +Kraft has card sized pockets, half sized pocket for setting memo pad and storing documents, letter sized pocket and a pen holder. +Kraft can put together everything you need for a situation using notebook/ plastic file folder. 

    Product lineups are below:
    -A6 size notebook cover
    -A5 size notebook cover
    -B5 size notebook cover
    -A4 size plastic file folder cover

    Each item has 4 colors: navy, beige, brown, gray

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