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Folk Art with a Clever Twist

to Make You Smile

Cards, Prints, T's, Color Book, Educatnl Place Mats, Music Purses

Themes: Music Lessons, Adult Practice Tips, Playing in Orchestra...

Lunchbox Education - Science and Reading, Community, Yoga, Cat/Dog, Encouragement, Holiday...

Becky is flexable:Put Your Name/Logo on our Cards or Post cards or change Captions! Request your own card with Becky's humor.

Use our Place Mats for Educational Program give aways or we will make special order.

Music Lovers, Professionals, and Famous use our Purses.

(Rachel Barton Pine, Jazz Pianist Greg Spero...)

Brands: Violettes by Becky,

 Show Specials

  • All Becky's Greeting cards are from photos of larger paintings. The pictures are also available in larger Matted Prints. First 5 buyers over $200 recieve your choice of matted print.

 Press Releases

  • For Immediate Release Attends NSS Armed with Music Lesson Greeting Cards

    Knoxville, TN July 26/For Immediate Release/ Creater, Owner Becky Chaffee, always interested in children's education, has created an evergrowing line of music lesson practice tip Greeting Cards. They present both serious and humorous lessons illustrated with brightly colored witty folk art. In addition, the captions are both educational and fun. The Card Line has many Series in addition to the "General Instrument Practice Tips", such as "Tips for Playing in Orchestra" and "Tips for Playing in Band". Some of the Series are all in fun such as "Adult Practice Tips", "Sieze the Opportunity" with people playing in fun places, and "Musical Animals" which includes "Fiddler on the Woof "and "Katchamouse Tango".

    Coming from a musical family, Becky raised two musical children listening to their lessons for many years. After both children left home, she started taking her own lessons and joining community music groups. When Becky started painting the practice tips, she wanted to mail them to family, so put them on cards. As soon as she started showing the cards around everyone wanted to purchase them. Some wanted the cards for the funny caption, and some for the fun illustrations. She was quickly in many local stores inclulding Hallmark and the local Knoxville, TN University Campus Museum gift shop and the Manhattan School of Music Gift shop. 

    Becky has exhibited her cards at the Midwest Clinic, the American String Teacher Association (ASTA) and several Music Teacher Association conventions. Music teachers, students and parents have given her many requests helping her series expand to include "Excuses Students Make", "Asian Instruments", "Ensemble Playing", and she is just beginning an "Opera Series"...  Becky loves requests. If you would like to see her work, visit her Booth 317 at the National Stationary Convention August 10 thru 13 form 9AM to 6PM. 

    Becky Chaffee, Owner, Creator


    Giving Back to Youth Muic Education
    Knoxville, TN

    (865) 850-9220

    NAMM Member


  • Knoxville, TN June 27/For Immediate Release Greeting Card line has expanded beyond music with Becky's Lunchbox Education Concept cards. There is both a science and a reading concept series. The cards are special for putting notes in your children's lunchboxes and even for your spouse's lunch. Becky loves requests and would be happy to expand the series with cards that fit the needs of your educational program. Boxed sets make great teacher gifts. There is a special teacher thank you card titled "You Color My World" included in boxed sets to color and write a note to a teacher.

    Other card series that Becky has expanded beyond music with include community cards, holidays, weddings, love, yoga, encouragement, welcome home for new homeowners, cats and dogs and wild animals. All cards are from photographs of larger paintings and can be purchased in larger matted prints.

    The Science and Reading concept cards present topics for discussions, and often have a question on the backs. Becky has a Masters Degree in Engineering, so the science themes are a natural direction for her to expand. In addition, her daughter is a supervisor at "Reading Partners" in LA and has given input regarding reading concepts used with the program. A few of the Science card titles are " Energy Sources for Electricity", "Women in Science" and "Teosinte, Ancestor of Corn"; and a couple of Reading Concept card titles are "Bossy e", "Phonoemes" and "Inferences". Becky hopes these are enjoyed as much as she enjoyed making them.

    The Lunchbox Education is just the beginning of  this concept. Becky hopes to keep adding to this series in the coming years.

    Becky Chaffee

    Knoxville, Tennessee



  • Knoxville, Tn July 26/For Immediate Release has a new product, making Educational Place Mats for educational programs. With a different place mat for each program, the "campers" may want to take all your camps to collect them all. You send Becky your pictures and info for two sides of a place mat. You are welcome to use some of Becky's pictures. Becky will work closely with you to format it. When you are satisfied it will be printed and laminated for a very reasonable price. Another plus is that the place mats can be colored on, then wiped clean. Ideas for place mats have included puzzles and Where's Waldo type games. View some of Becky's two-sided place mats at (scroll down in the link to see them all).

    The suggestion for making place mats came from a children's science museum buyer. Becky proceeded to make educational Great Smoky Mountain Place Mats, which are now for sale all over the Smoky's for cabin renters and campers to learn about the salamanders, birds, frogs, flowers, butterflies... in the GSMNP. This might even be a fun class project for students to work on their own place mat ideas. Perhaps, choose a class winner, or combine ideas from the children to create one or a set. Then send to Becky to assemble. A class or group can take orders and use as a fundraiser.

    There are lots of projects to make education fun and creative. This is a new creative idea for your consideration.

    Becky Chaffee



  • Knoxville, TN, July 26/For Immediate Release

    Violettes by Becky is named after the little violin shaped purses designed and constructed by Becky. She started making them when she finally had time to sew after her violin playing daughter left for college. Trained as an engineer, Becky thinks differently in the Purse world. She wanted it to be both shaped like a violin rather than a square with a picture of a violin on it, and practical. She made the purses repeatedly until they became as practical as possible. Each unique hand sewn violin purse is a piece of art. But they take two to three days to construct. To lower the retail price, she has had them manufactured. Upon seeing Becky's violin purses, people started asking for more styles. So her Guitars, Ukuleles, Grand Pianos and Banjos were born. The Guitars and Grand Pianos have been manufactured, and are for sale at NSS in August or on her two web sites, and Becky's original web site,

    Music Fans, Professionals and Famous people have all owned and used Becky's purses.  If you are interested and have any questions, do not hesitate to call or email Becky. 

    Becky Chaffee


    Supporting Youth Music Education

    NAMM Member


    Knoxville, TN



  • - Ukulele History Card
    This greeting card by Becky with the fascinating ukulele history on the back goes naturally with the sale of a Ukulele. Ukes are a phenomenon today....

  • You can see in the card, the island is a uke with the palm tree growing out of the hole. The turtle is playing the pineapple Uke and more turtles creating the uke neck with sail boats as the tuning pegs. And of course the Dolphins singing with leis.

    The Back is worded:

    Ukulele History

    A small instrument called the machete developed in the Madeira Islands of Portugal was brought to Hawaii in the late 1800's by Portuguese immigrants. They moved 
    to Hawaii to work in the sugar cane fields, and became the 1st makers of the Hawaiian "ukulele". Ukulele translates into jumping flea. One story is because the fast fingers looked like jumping fleas on the fingerboard. King Kalakaua loved the instrument and promoted its use in royal functions to re-ignite interest in Hawaiian culture.

    The ukulele made an impression at the Panama Pacific Int'l Expo in San Francisco in 1915. US companies began making 'ukes', and their popularity rose, as they became an icon of the jazz age. They were not widely used between the 1930's and 1990's in the US, after which they made a popular come back. Canada was the 1st country (after Hawaii) to use ukuleles in school programs.

    Link to all music cards on the web site is HERE.

  •, Ensemble or Encouragement
    Because this Greeting Card (or Large) Print is so Popular, I have two title options. This is from Becky's "Ensemble Playing Series", "Be Familiar with All Parts"; but it also comes with the title, "Where There's a Will, There's a Way"....

  • There are many popular both fun and serious "String Cards" from Becky's Series, like this one from the series, "Ensemble Playing".

    Favorites from other Series include:

    "Tips for Playing in the Orchestra" --->>> "Put Stalks on Your Ears"

    "Suzuki Camp"-------------------------->>> "Bow Wow"

    "Excuses Students Make"------------->>> "I Forgot to Practice My Scales"

    "Musical Animals" -------------------->>> "Fiddler on the Woof" and "Khatchamouse Tango"

  •, Lunchbox Education Cards
    Educational cards with science and reading concepts and encouragement messages. Put them in children's and spouse's lunchbox with notes....

  • Becky's background is in engineering, so creating science cards is "up her alley". She loves requests and would be glad to create cards (and placemats) that fit your educational programming. Becky's daughter supervises in a "Reading Partners" program, and suggested the reading concepts for the reading cards. In a boxed set of reading cards, a thank you note for a student to color and give to the teacher is included. The educational cards are HERE Click on each card to see the full view and associated wording.

  • Violettes by Becky - Music Purses
    Music Purses designed by Becky<br />Guitars for $20 wholesale<br />Violin Purses, Starting at $30 wholesale...

  • Becky's Purses have gone thru many iterations, and are still unfolding.

    Currently we have Guitars, Violins and Grand Pianos.

    For Elite stores, there are some violins hand made by Becky

    Music Fans, Professionals and Famous people have all loved their purses.

    A number of famous people have used the purses including Rachel Barton Pine.

  • Violettes by Becky, High end Violin Purses
    These purses are each a unique work of art with many themes shown inside and outside the purses. Several famous purses use or have used them. I can create for a request or email you photos of existing bags.<br /><br /><br /><br />...

  • These Bags are what my company is named after. Violettes stands for a made up word "little violins". I make them in small "clutch size", medium size or "large" to be carried vertically. Obviously, they can be a violin, viola, cello or bass. People that wear these, get noticed!

    The original handmade Violin are works of art that Becky developed into elegant purses as practical as possible. People use them as everyday bags or special symphony purses. They are not all posted on the web site, so if interested, ask becky about available bags or commission your own. Pricing varies greatly See some of the handmade bags here and here.

  • Educational Place Mats
    First created for cabins and campers in the Great Smoky Mntn National Park, there are fish ones, salamander, bird, frog... with more being created. Now, I have educational programs wanting special orders....

  • Educational Programs are asking for the place mats as give aways in their summer camps. They send me photos and materials for two sides. I assemble and prepare the place mats at a very reasonable price. You are welcome to use my pictures for the placemats. Or if you need help or opinion, don't hesitate to ask me. A different place mat for each "camp" encourages kids to go to all the sessions to collect them all.

    Link to some of the place mats created is HERE. Please scroll down. 

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